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All global finance requires a natural ethics.*

Jin Liqun, President
Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)
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First email: 11 March 2022 at 6:16 PM

Dear Mr. Jin Liqun:

The most-simple, mathematically-integrated, view of the universe has just 202 base-2 notations (or doublings) from the first moment of time to this very moment in time. It is another major paradigm shift. Worldviews are passé. It changes every economic model by shifting to ethical foundations that are based on continuity-symmetry-harmony.

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AIIB has 105 members and competes with the World Bank and IMF. Press officer, Lingxiao He:
Investment Operations Counsel, Duran Moy:


* A Natural Ethics: Not only should the banking community be teaching a new ethics that is part of the very fabric of the universe, it should require that every organization and banking system within their extended community be teaching this natural ethics as well.