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@Oprah You could call Putin and tell him to stop the madness. I can’t; you can. All I can do is tweet to him. You could make a deal. Here’s my little attempt: Today’s homepage is rougher:

Fourth Tweet: June 26, 2021 (see first tweet below)

…our biggest problem as a people? Our worldviews are too small. A mathematically-integrated view of the universe could help. In December 2011 we started ours in a high school:
Follow the numbers:

Please note: This model of the universe is 100% relational. It redefines space, time, and infinity.
It is a bit more radical than it initially appears. Always take a look at the current homepage:
Here are 30 of the basic assumptions/presuppositions:

Third Tweet: July 26, 2020

You could have a new segment on your show where you interview each of these people listed here (with you) — — Have them bring their latest book for a review, but really interview them about the very nature of infinity, the first moment of physicality, and the like. It’d be fascinating.

Second tweet: July 22, 2020

You might enjoy seeing yourself among some of the top thinkers in the world today. Your relational point of view I think is closer to the truth: I’ve also started a page to keep track of my correspondence with you: Be well, be well.  -Bruce

First tweet: July 19, 2020

Hi Oprah,

Our biggest problem as a people is that our worldviews are too small. In these times, we need a mathematically-integrated view of the universe. We started ours in a high school in 2011:
The numbers:
It is 100% relational and changes our perception of time and infinity.
It is a bit more radical than it initially appears.
Here are 20 of the basic assumptions: