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Turn the Blackhole Inside Out

by Bruce E. Camber, a working first draft, August 2021

The blackhole is much more complex than anybody ever imagined. Nobody is finding it easy to define so we have begun to study it in light of our unusual speculations and model. The 202 always-active notations– where space and time are radically redefined — shine an unusual light on the blackhole. At this point in our study, I believe the blackhole is the fulcrum of time. Classically defined as pulling everything into itself, including light, we propose that the blackhole is also defined by the current expansion of the universe (at about 539-tredecillion spheres per second). That expansion is at levels and sizes that are well below any threshold of our measuring devices. Also, we would say that the expansion is nonlocal. The entire universe is here on this doorstep. Perhaps the working hypothesis should be that a blackhole appears at the center of every galaxy and it is the same blackhole.

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Overview. The concept of a blackhole has a relatively brief history and for most of that history, it was a speculative concept entertained only by a rather small group of theoretical physicists who wrestled with Einstein’s theory of relativity. That history, and our work to develop a theory to define the very nature of a blackhole, will be a Janus-face; the history page is https://81018.com/blackholes/ (with an “s” at the end) and this speculative page — https://81018.com/blackhole — (this page, without an “s” on the end). This page will focus on our working statement above, particularly on “a blackhole appears at the center of every galaxy and it is the same blackhole.”

We say that space-time is disintermediated, derivative, and finite. Easy to say; what does it mean? Let us explore how this may be so.

Discussion: Notations 65-67 where quantum fluctuations and wave-particle duality hold court, each notational step closer to Notation-0 opens its own unique synchronicity. So, we will be deconstructing the universe — a little like the Jenga tower game from Notation 65-67 down to Notation-0. There will be plenty of opportunities for our theory to collapse.

We will also continue our struggle to construct the universe from Notation-0 up to Notation-67. We’ll need the help of many, especially those within Langlands programs, string-and-M-theory groups, and supersymmetry groups.

Those 64 notations have changed our perspective rather radically! They are waiting to be truly discovered.

Just as a footnote about blackholes: In 1975 there was some discussion among the young upstarts of theoretical physics and cosmology about the nature of Cygnus-X-1. Whereas most academics had come to believe it was a black hole, young Stephen Hawking was not sure. He had not completely embrace the concept of a black hole, so bet Kip Thorne. “By 1998, Hawking was ready to concede the bet.” Perhaps he should have held out longer. Also in this reference, “Einstein’s paper announcing general relativity to the world.” Stuart G. Clark, The Unknown Universe: A New Exploration of Time, Space, and Modern Cosmology, Pegasus Books, 2016



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