Pi, the continuity-symmetry-harmony of the infinite, defines the finite.


by Bruce E. Camber

Please note: The use of pi is not to be confused with three subatomic particles: π , π and π  of pion and string theory. Here we are observing the concept of pi (π) as it has emerged from Archimedes and so many others over the past millennium.

Three concepts: CONTINUITYSYMMETRYHARMONY have always had a key role within this site. The three have been highlighted at the top of every homepage. That those three facets are derivative of pi, define pi, and are an incisive, all-inclusive definition of the infinite, has only recently become a bit more clear. Since 1971 the three concepts have been a summary for me to define the infinite. Unfortunately that insight had no context to generate all other things. That is the purpose of these pages. Also, of the many other definitions of the infinite, most are the result of one’s personal history. A goal of this website is to allow one’s personal history to be one’s personal history. It is not my history or your history. It’s a person’s personal history.

Although personal beliefs should reflect some facet of the infinite, the only facet of the infinite that necessarily reflects personal beliefs is quantum indeterminacy also known as free will and human choice.

The essence of infinity and the essence of pi, Continuity-Symmetry-Harmony, give us three key expressions of the universe. These essences also give us a value gradient. Heretofore, unrecognized, these qualities taken as an essential nature within every notation, is a direct challenge to the physics of quantum fluctuations.

Within these pages, the physics of quantum fluctuations becomes quite derivative.

There is more to come for this particular webpage. Whenever you see the three words together, most often there is a resource page linked to each of the three words. Those pages require work. As insights become more clear at the level of these pages within our source document named, starts, many other pages will be updated.

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