Tetrahedrons Encapsulate an Octahedron

Sphere to tetrahedron-octahedron couplet
Transition from spheres to

Emergence from spheres and doubling functions:
1. A Study of Numbers: https://81018.com/number/#Kepler
2. Growth: https://81018.com/growth/
3. Emergence: https://81018.com/emergence/
4. Fabric: https://81018.com/fabric/
5. Symmetry: https://81018.com/symmetry/
6. Circles-spheres: https://81018.com/circles-spheres/
7. Stacking: https://81018.com/stacking/
8. Spheres: https://81018.com/sphere/ https://81018.com/spheres/
9. Start: https://81018.com/start/
10. First Instance: https://81018.com/instance/#4b/
11. Tetrahedral Gap: https://81018.com/gap/
12. Tetrahedrons: https://81018.com/tetrahedrons/

Three levels of simple complexity:
1. Observe the little tetrahedron in the bottom left corner.

2. Notice that it is enclosed within a larger tetrahedron. Right beside that larger tetrahedron is a very colorful octahedron. There are two other larger tetrahedrons pictured on the top and on the right. There is a fourth larger tetrahedron in back corner not visible here. Every tetrahedron encloses four “smaller-sized” tetrahedrons and an octahedron.

3. Notice that our larger tetrahedron is enclosed by an even larger tetrahedron. This pattern repeats itself getting smaller and getting larger. Part of the complexity can be seen by observing the center octahedron. Notice the red, black and blue hexagonal plates. A white plate has been obscured in this image, yet it can be easily seen within this image of the octahedron. Each shares the common centerpoint.

4. Notice the octahedron in the middle whereby that center triangle is one of its eight faces. There are four faces that are the center faces of each side of the tetrahedron and there are four interior faces. The octahedron has a half-sized octahedron in each of its six corners and a tetrahedron in each of its eight faces.

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