December 18, 2019: A letter to the editor


For the New York Times on Impeachment Day

To all people who harbor any hope for intelligence and logic:

Today is a mockery of logic and intelligence.
It is a day of grandstanding and being holier-than-thou.
Both sides are sure they are on the high ground and neither is.

To get a bit of perspective, we need to rope the universe
into our every decision, thought, word and deed.

Impossible, you say?

Please, just follow a bit of logic.
In 1899 Max Planck defined
what are known today as the Planck base units.
Here, the smallest possible units of length and time
were defined so well, he was the first to catch
the speed of light within .00001% of the actual number in a vacuum
just by dividing his Planck Length by Planck Time!

Check it out:,_Planck_Length
See the chart here:

Take the Planck numbers as the start of the universe.
Multiple them by 2 over and over and over and over again.
Within just 202 steps you will be at the age and size of the universe,
and you will have everything, everywhere, for all time within a simple chart:  Look at the measurements for one second
between notation143 and 144. Of course,
the length is the distance light travels in one second!

It’s a very simple start, now we’ve got to think.

What does it mean?
1. The universe is an intimate and highly-integrated place.
2. Everything you say, do, or even think, effects the quality of the universe.
3. We must be careful, polite, and empowering.
4., Everything, everywhere is related to everything everywhere.
5. Yes, it just may be that simple.

Thank you.

With great affections,



Thomas Feyer, the letters editor

Dear Thomas Feyer:

What a day. What an embarrassment.
What stupidity. Is there anybody thinking?
We are so far out of touch.

Be well,



References & Resources

1. Max Planck, New York Times, October 30, 1949: “MAX PLANCK advanced in 1900 the hypothesis that radiant energy can be emitted only in definite portions. This theory has become known under the name “quantum theory” and has turned out to be, with Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, the basis of twentieth century physics, which led to the liberation of atomic energy.”

2. Planck base units:  We began studying the Planck units in 2011 within the geometry classes of a New Orleans high school. It wasn’t long before that work was called idiosyncratic by a foremost theoretical physicist. We quickly discovered how right he was. Nevertheless, because it had an inherent logic and it was the only model that we knew that included “everything, everywhere for all time,” it seemed to beckon us onwards!

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