Can Natural Inflation Quietly Encapsulate The Universe?

A most-simple, natural process by which natural inflation quietly encapsulates the universe is the deepest essence of  base-2 notation from the Planck Time to the Age of the Universe to create a matrix of just over 200 columns where each Planck base unit doubling can be readily observed. Logical, most-simple, integrated, and predictive, this mathematical view of the universe can be tested, compared and contrasted with many of the existent measurements within cosmology. However, over two-thirds of the entire chart is a focus on the first second of creation (from the first notation through to notation 144). A light year is encapsulated within notation 169. The first aeon, a billion years, is within notation 199. All of human history is easily within a very small part of notation 202. Our study of the cumulative nature of addition and base-2 exponentiation is on-going. By looking at the raw data, this simple, little model would appear to provide a clear alternative to big bang cosmology. It reinforces the extensive work on natural inflation models, and it provides a very different entry point to questions about Dark Energy and Dark Matter, isotropy, homogeneity, and the very nature of space-and-time and the finite-and-infinite.

Not until February 2014 had anybody done the simple-but-tedious work to double the infinitesimal Planck Time, then double each result 201 times. As a consequence, this application of base-2 notation has had very limited study. The 202-column chart of the universe that starts at Planck Time and goes to the Age of the Universe reveals a simple logic for natural inflation that readily mimics the big bang cosmology of Stephen Hawking and the inflation of Alan Guth without the need for a bang.

Because it is an entirely predictive chart, this nascent base-2 model can readily be tested with existing data from all other models of the universe.

There is much more to come.

  1. The model of just over 200 columns:   (Please Note: It is a large file that is horizontally scrolled).
  2. Alternative to big bang cosmology:
  3. Space-time, finite-infinite:
  4. Stephen Hawking and Alan Guth:

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