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72 of 202: A grid-matrix-system for everything, everywhere for all time, Not a theory or vision, just math.

Our Infinitesimal Scale of Light

On naming: 10−27 10−30 10−33 10−36 10−39 10−42

The tasks at hand:

  1. Expand our understanding of Light and Visible Light
  2. The foundations of electromagnetic radiation at infinitesimal wavelengths
  3. Prior pages under consideration to be integrated as a working whole:

Is the photon the smallest discrete amount, a quantum of electromagnetic radiation? Is it the most basic unit of all light? Might Langlands programs call it an axiomatic geometry?

Research:  “electromagnetic radiation” + “extreme wavelengths”


A Formal Request for NIST, ISO, BIPM, and the world’s other standard organizations:

On behalf of those people researching the extremely small scale of our universe, we formally request that you officially extend the naming of the very small-scale universe. There are no less than five groups of numbers that await a formal name, all currently part of a standard in the scientific and academic communities that extends to the Planck time (10−44 seconds). These scales include: 10−27, 10−30, 10−33, 10−36, and 10−39. The 10−42 group includes 10−44 and, of course, there are many who have referred to it as the Plancksecond.

We are seeking collaborations with all organizations that are interested and with those people who might be especially interested in the very nature of things at this scale.

The visible light spectrum is well understood and analyzed. Electromagnetic radiation of the infinitesimal is not. 

Thank you so very much.