Originally Lemaître proposed a cold start

Georges Lemaître

June 2019,  Lemaître needs a working page on his cold start!

Sten Odenwald Cold Big Bang


Ketil Jansen and Ulrik Denizou Lund
An Friday, Dec 20, 2019 email to the musicians at Lemaitremusic.com
“Remember Georges Lemaître.
Clean up a little.  Become the high priest!
You don’t need to have a potty-mouth.
You don’t need to be crude.
You can lead us back into the history
when Lemaître first introduced the big bang.
He started it cold. The scholars can not quite
figure out how-and-when it all went hot.”
“Start cold and there’s a whole new model:
“There are new lyrics galore in there and
it is all about relations, continuity, symmetries
that’d blow your minds, and harmonies you’ve never heard…”
“Love to you both in this season of love and light!”
Signed: Bruce