Aristotle missed the most important gap of all.

The geometric gap is created by five tetrahedrons, all sharing a common edge.
In 1962 Chrysler transformed the gap into an art form, a logo, for the company.
Gap = 7.356103172453456846229996699812179815034215504539741440855531+ degrees

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Open questions about this gap:
1. When does the first gap appear along the 202 notations?  …why?
2. There are no gaps with the initial objects, the tetrahedron and octahedron; it all fits perfectly, naturally evolving from cubic-close packing of equal spheres.
3. The first time the gap is mentioned within this website:
4. Starry, Starry Night by Don McLean captures this gap and its quantum indeterminacy. Perfection would be stifling it it did not have room for creativity and loss and even despair. In some camps McLean’s song is also known as Vincent (as in Van Gogh).
The recording: Official: Vincent
A tweet to Don McLean: