Yes, you can be a light within this world.

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Top Ten: What is it about light?

Number 10.  We are starting to discover how light uniquely pervades each and every one of the 200+ notations that define our the universe. That’s huge.

Reflections: We don’t know enough about light.  Max Planck and our base-2 exponential chart  (line 10) open a new orientation to light.  In this model of the universe every notation is an expression of light.  Each notation has an active and unique function, first  in creating the space-and-time of that notation, and then in sustaining the space-time of each of the notations of our universe. Those notations, also known as a cluster, domain,  doubling, group, notation, set or step, are uniquely defined by the space-time-and-light of that notation and with the active, necessary relations with the notations just above and/or just below, as well as those notations within periodic cycles to it.  We all need to be thinking and talking more about light.

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“Number 9. In our model of the universe, light is far more than the visible spectrum.

Reflections: As we observe from the chart just below, the visible light spectrum is quite narrow. It ranges from 380 to 760 nanometers which manifest within Notations 94 & 95 of total of just over 200 notations.  Yet, the formula and our base-2 chart suggests that light pervades the entire chart, so our challenge is to see in what ways this could be so, especially well above the frequencies given in the chart below, and obvious well above the wave lengths designated. Our challenge will be to begin to discern how this essential nature of lightPlanck length goes from the Planck scale all the way to the Age of the Universe and Observable Universe.

So, let’s get physical. Experience our extremely limited definition of light. If we accept that light is much more than the visible spectrum, light becomes even more enigmatic than we have thought. We have to struggle to conceptualize then articulate what we believe might be “the systems nature of light” that permeates even the darkness and it begets even those notations smaller than photons.  We’ll have to guess or intuit this nature of light because it is not physical in any sense of our current understanding of space and time.


A memorable quote about lightWalking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.” ∼ Helen Keller

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Number 8. We all love light... twinkling lights, sparkling lights, candlelight, from the sunrise to the sunset, so much of our world is evermore based on light; and, when you think about it, not much would happen without light. Yet, we so little understand it… how everything comes from light. Everything.

Reflections: Here is both an emotional and biological response to light. Photosynthesis, the conversion of light to energy, could not happen without light. We are dependent on light for life. Yet, with all the open questions within academia, we know it has to go much deeper than that.  So, let us dig deeper!

A memorable quote about light:  “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” ∼ John 1:5



“Number 7. Our first foundational quality of light is our first continuity equation.”

Reflections: Since December 2011 this model is increasingly dependent on the concept of continuity. Multiplying Planck Time and Planck Length by 2 results in real numbers. As you follow the progression of both (see lines 3 & 4),  Planck Time and Planck Length track well together, the results suggests that the first 67 notations actually describe a key part of the fabric of the universe. Speculatively, it is the homogeneity and isotropy of the universe. It is also the dark energy and dark matter. These notations define the epochs by the Big Bang theory but here there is no bang, just a natural inflation. The concept of continuity is within the foundations of the foundations of the universe. It creates a simple order. It is the first principle that creates the beginnings of science.  Here light becomes a multi-dimensional continuity equation from the Planck scale through every notation to the Age of the Universe right now.

A memorable quote about light:  “At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.” ~ Albert Schweitzer

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“Number 6.  Light appears to have three functions:
∼ first, it manifests within notational values,
  first to define each notation’s space-and-time,
∼ second, it manifests as visible light, the transverse electromagnetic waves, such
  that every notation that follows the 67th notation has measurable light,
∼ and third, it transfers energy from the infinite to the finite throughout all the
  notations (also known as clusters, groups, sets, steps).”

Reflections: We invite the speculations of scholars from all disciplines to define their unique functions within the unique manifestations of light.

A memorable quote about light: The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” -John 1:5



#5. Perhaps light is our source of consciousness.

Reflections:   The brain-mind debate is centuries old. The mind has had no place to be… no place to rest. Unwelcomed and questioned, here we hypostatize its place on the grid between notations 50 and 60.  Nothing can be measured by an instrument that fits into the first 60+ notations or doublings of the Planck Length, so by engaging systems philosophy, we begin to construct an ideal (the same challenge that faced Lawrence Krauss with his book, A Universe from Nothing) starting with Plato’s forms. The doublings quickly become complexity. From Forms, to Structures, to Substances, to Relations, and finally to Systems, this is an idealized structure where the Mind seems to naturally reside within Systems.

Humanity and so many facets of our human population have been marginalized by science, religious beliefs and arrogance. Within this emerging model of the universe, all people are key.

A memorable quote about light: “A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside.” ~ Denis Waitley

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#4.  Perhaps light is the conduit for pi (all spheres and circles).

Reflections: Within this model, the finite-infinite relation is real, practical, and definitive. The never-ending, never repeating sequence that defines pi is, for most of us,  our first introduction to the a mathematical expression of the infinite. Most of us encounter it within in elementary school. That pi is so open (extend now to well over a quintillion places), so mysterious, so ever-present, it seems self-evident that it is a fundamental part of the wave-particle definition of light.

A memorable quote about light:  “Let there be light and there was light.”  Genesis 1:3

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#3. Perhaps light is the conduit for all the dimensionless constants that shape our science and this universe.

Reflections and predictions:   Like the never-ending, never repeating sequence of pi, we predict that the many dimensionless constants will be found within particular relations within every notation.  At this stage in our growth, we would only be guessing how it will bear out yet project that those functions that define each dimensionless constant will have a light-based component.

Obviously there are huge intellectual challenges ahead.

A memorable quote about light:  “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”  ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.



#2. Perhaps light is our source of goodness, values, and ethics.

Reflections: We have been constrained by worldviews that ignore the larger universe and our role within it. We have been constrained by a science that has difficulty penetrating those notations below the 67th. As a result we have not imputed continuity,. symmetry and harmony on the universe.  This model does.  And, in so doing, a deep structure for valuation begins to become self-evident.

An Integrated Universe View changes everything. Simplicity is the starting point. Continuity takes its place at the centerfold. Symmetries within it capture our eye and imagination. There appears to be goodness in the universe and the place of asymmetries, indeterminacy, questions and openness, and the very nature of the self begins to thrive as a creative nexus!

A memorable quote about light: “Within you is the light of a thousand suns.” – Robert Adams



#1. Notwithstanding, we can say, “Light can manifest in many ways within you.”

Reflections:  One might ask, “How many ways does light manifest within you?”

The answer could be returned as a question, “How many base-2 notations are there within the universe?” Each notation is a special expression of light. It therefore permeates every aspect of life.  We believe there is a good chance that all notations are manifest within you. The challenge to our education is to learn how that might be so.

Our worldviews can no longer ignore the constants and universals that define and give structure to the universe and our role within it.

Within one of the books by physicist and friend, David Bohm, Causality & Chance in Modern Physics (1957) and particularly focused on pages 163-164, he says:

Cubic Centimeter“Thus, in the last century only mechanical, chemical, thermal, electrical, luminous, and gravitational energy were known. Now, we know of nuclear energy, which constitute a much larger reservoir.  But the infinite substructure of matter very probably contains energies that are as far beyond nuclear energies as nuclear energies are beyond chemical energies.  Indeed, there is already some evidence in favour of this idea.   Thus, if one computes the “zero point” energy due to quantum-mechanical fluctuations on even one cubic centimetre of space, one comes out with something of the order of 1038 ergs, which is equal to that which would be liberated by fission of about 1010 tons of uranium.”

Your eyeball occupies more space than a cubic centimeter.  Thank about it.

Who are you and what are you supposed to do with your life within this special universe?


You are invited to be involved.