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Initiated: Monday, December 19, 2016 Last update: 2 January 2017 Also: Current Alphabetical list Scholars / Specialists Background: The top scientists in the world can not believe that something as simple as base-2 notation could be the initial script that writes the most basic rules for the earliest beginnings of the universe, literally creating each of the known epochs as defined by big bang cosmology (See “LOGIC“).  It would follow that this natural inflation is the current expansion of the universe.  Our challenge is to become scientific enough to begin writing papers that can get through the peer-review process to open the discussion even wider. Our letters to the scholars of the world are an attempt to help sharpen our focus. Our Policy/Procedures:  Our letters that go out to key thinkers throughout the world are published here. Any response to our email-letters-tweets will not be published unless encouraged and authorized by the sender.Herein are links to our communications to scholars-scientists around the world: The initial list and the working list