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Meaning And Value Stolen From Us Everyday

Big bang nihilism, a very unique solipsism, teaches everyone, “There are no inherent values anywhere so it’s always all about me.”

David Letterman

In his 33 years on television, David Letterman did 4605 Top Ten lists.

Following that tradition, we just updated our first Top Ten list (#1) and began working on Top Ten #2. We are hoping that there will be many more Top Ten listings.  David’s #1 Top Ten. Why retire, David? Work with us! You can do the new ones from the comfort of your home.

Fabiola Gianotti

An Integrated View of the Universe: The big story here is that in 1899 Max Planck gave us a formula for light, space and time that has been ignored for 117 years. His four key equations just may be as important as Einstein’s e=mc2.

Simple Logic and Math Renders A Simple Universe View:
Really, this is much more simple than anything that has come out of CERN from director, Fabiola Gianotti (pictured), or from Peter Higgs or Stephen Hawking.

#1 Top Ten (list updated) #2 Top Ten  (list announced)

Hawking-TegmarkThe Finite and The Infinite: Stephen Hawking (Cambridge University) & Max Tegmark (MIT) make things way too complicated. It’s probably a job security thing.

The Numbers: A horizontally-scrolled chart with 12 rows and 204 columns which makes up 34-pages side-by-side, and over 2000 blocks of information to analyze and eventually to understand.

The first chart in December 2011.      Value values, ethics and integrity

Help Wanted

To The Top Guns* of Physics: What’s wrong with this picture? We write and we write. If you knew, you would tell us. You are as baffled as we were when we began in December 2011!

To Our Global Pop Stars & Others: Become a spokesperson. Help us out.

News / Research

Natural Inflation: Isn’t all natural a much better model for the universe if it does everything the big bang does but without the all the noise and overhead?  Natural inflation from the Planck scale gives us a totally predictive model that is a virtual script to determine the epochs of the big bang but without the bang.

Universe View: What is your expertise? The chart represents the entire universe. There are 202 columns and as many rows as we need going down. You will readily see that there are many blanks. All cells will forever be  “under construction.”