Dr. Werner Hoyer, President, European Investment Bank (EIB)

Global finance requires a natural ethics. *

Werner Hoyer, President
European Investment Bank (EIB) (Wikipedia)
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The global investment and economic development community involves most countries of this world. The goal of everyone is to raise the standard of living and working to higher and higher levels. EIB is in Luxembourg and knows that wars are a set back to those goals. Our evolving list of such organizations is here: https://81018.com/finance/

Second email: 11 March 2022 at 4:32 PM

Dear Dr. Werner Hoyer:

Do you have any ideas on how to have Vladimir Putin radically change direction?

In a stream of consciousness, I’ve wondered:
• Might there be leaders of regions itching to spin off as its own country? If there are and they declared independence at the same time, Putin would be very tough spot. I am looking into Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, and Vladivostok just to explore the logic. I suspect not, but who knows?

• What about our models for life, for science, and for meaning and value? I often write to scholars and leaders that they are being limited by a little worldview. That was the thrust of my note to Putin back on February 25. A highly-integrated view of the universe (all encapsulated and inter-related within 202 base-2 notations from the Planck units to the current time) makes for an intimate universe. We already know and have experienced such intimacy for our world via the web; this model demonstrates a deeper and abiding interconnectedness of the universe. I have engaged Putin’s people at many different levels. Perhaps the Skoltech relation holds some long-term possibilities for real change.

• Could there be a more compelling vision than reclaiming Ukraine? There are so many possibilities with the advance of technologies, it is entirely clear that Putin is lacking imagination. It takes about 30 years for a new technology to mature and begin to be fully exploited. There are so many examples. I locked onto one, GPS technologies, and it became obvious to me that eventually it will be more robustly exploited and that Russia was sitting on some of the best possible GPS addresses. I wrote it up here: https://81018.com/gps/ and https://81018.com/gps-russia/

If the global community was challenged to come up with new economic development ideas that could empower all nations but especially those who need it most, the response might overwhelm all of you in the global development markets. And, to get people to think about it and respond would require a group of you, perhaps empowered by the World Bank and the UN.

Why not now? 

Ukrainian and Russian people are hurting, screaming, and dying. Time is of the essence.

Thank you.

Most sincerely,


PS. Congratulations on taking such quick action to help Ukraine. By the way, we are a charitable research organization, a 501(c)(3) here in the USA with the name, My Golden Rules. -BEC

March 3, 2022 tweet:

@EIB Can’t you get on the telephone with Putin and offer him a deal that he can’t refuse? He’s killing Ukraine and his country and all past goodwill is quickly evaporating. Here’s my proposal: https://81018.com/vladimir/

Speculative-but possible: The carrot is to bring a very select part of the world to Russia each week, each month, and each year, voluntarily, enthusiastically, gladly spending their money to get to one of 28 locations. to learn more about themselves and the universe. This project would set a whole new benchmark for development that could readily have repercussions globally.

First email: 2 March 2022 at 3:25 PM

Dr. Werner Hoyer
European Investment Bank (EIB)

Dear Dr. Werner Hoyer:

“Too ambitious, too speculative, and too difficult to understand,” yet with Vladimir Putin so close to the edge, we all have to try harder.

In 2009 I proposed to Putin that he consider a narrow strip of land defined by the GPS, 70°N 70°E, up on the Yamal Peninsula going south through the 60°N 60°E in his Ural Federation, down to the 44°N 44°E just over the mountains from Georgia for a special kind of unprecedented development

One of the World Bank partners showed some interest, but it was indeed too ambitious, too speculative, and too difficult to understand. It still is (so I have been informed by good friends who have had a similar position as you). In the face of a most unpredictable future, and a highly-conflicted present and past, we need new alternatives.

This is new. And, it even thought it is a stretch, you are capable and you just might find it intriguing enough to open a dialogue that turns to action. The key references are here:

My writing is not easy. The concepts are different. There is an abundance of links on links. It is easy to feel lost. Just grasp what you can and, if worthy, please ask a question.

I hope to hear from you.

Most sincerely,


PS. Reference to a recent work, a quote, and reinforcing the key point.

A special note regarding this thrust: It seems Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director of the IMF and a champion of the International Development Association (IDA), should also be part of this effort. A note to her is here:


* A Natural Ethics: Not only should the banking community be teaching a new ethics that is part of the very fabric of the universe, it should require that every organization and banking system within their extended community be teaching this natural ethics as well.