Aguirre, Anthony

AguirreAnthony Aguirre

Assistant Professor of Physics
University of California at Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, CA 9506

Co-Founder & Associate Scientific Director
Foundational Questions Institute

Articles:  What Does Our Understanding of Time Suggest About the Nature of Reality? (March 2014)
________ · The Cosmic Background Radiation in a Cold Big Bang
________ · Next Step Infinity (February 2011)
________ · Not a Bad Idea, Aguirre, A., Scientific American, p. 36  (August 2002)
ArXivThe Cold Big-Bang Cosmology
________ · Dimensionless constants, cosmology and other dark matters
YouTube Dirty little secrets of cosmology, Banff 2017

References within this website:
•  to Dimensionless constants, cosmology and other dark matters
•  Wilczek-Aguirre-Rees-Tegmark article, 2006

First email: Sat, Jul 8, 2017 at 3:16 PM (Updated: Feb 18, 2018)

Dear Prof. Dr. Anthony Aguirre:

Thank you for all your work; I’m tackling the above cited articles and your work within ArXiv.

Our high school geometry class went off on a wild tangent a few years ago. We decided Newton was wrong* and that Leibniz was going in the right direction, and Planck’s base units should not be ignored.**

We applied base-2 exponentiation, simple doublings of the Planck units; and in 202 notations we had this all-natural, simple inflation from a very cold start.  The numbers stretched our imagination.  Do you think there is enough cogency to continue this admittedly entirely idiosyncratic study?

Your comments would be highly regarded. Are we just too naive for words?


Most sincerely,
Bruce Camber
*Tegmark wants to throw infinity out and Nima Arkani-Hamed wants to retire space and time.
**Big bang theory ignores all but temperature and its always a derivative.

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