Baez, John

John Baez
University of California, Riverside
Centre for Quantum Technologies
National University of Singapore

ArXivStruggles with the Continuum (First published: September 2016 Updated: 2 January 2018)
•  From the Icosahedron to E8,  December 21, 2017
•  Introduction to Spin Foam Models of Quantum Gravity and BF Theory, 1999
Webpages: How Many Fundamental Constants Are There? (ninth paragraph), 2011

Another email: 15 February 2018

Though still entirely idiosyncratic after all these years, I thought you might enjoy hearing that two of your recent papers within ArXiv (cited on this page) have been most helpful.

I thank you.

First email: Monday, 4 April 2011

Quite an introduction online.
Thank you.

I know you have no time at all, but it would be an education
to find the higher scoring theories based your Crackpot Index [Reference #2)
especially if their claims were available on websites.

Bruce Camber, Executive Producer
Small Business School, Inc.
Private Business Channel, Inc.

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