Wilczek – Aguirre – Rees – Tegmark article ( Phys.Rev.D73:023505,2006 )

ArXiv ( arXiv:astro-ph/0511774v3 )
Dimensionless constants, cosmology and other dark matters

31 dimensionless physical constants
required by particle physics and cosmology

We started our work to chart the universe in 2011 using the Planck Length. We discovered just over 202 notations and, among others, asked Frank Wilczek about its meaning. Later Aguirre, Rees and Tegmark were also queried.

Key Charts: The original article appeared on January 11, 2006 in in ArXiv.  Although not mentioned in the article or footnotes, the 2005 Solvay conference created a thrust in this direction.  This article will be thoroughly analyzed asking the question, “What might change within this analysis if the Big Bang theory and inflationary theory is flawed and the Big Board-little universe, Exponential Universe, and Quiet Expansion are less flawed?” This chart is entirely open and it raises many questions. This chart, by definition,  includes everything, for all time, everywhere in the universe. It is a chart of numbers, not a theory of everything.

Those theories will be forthcoming.  Wilczek-Aquire-Reese-Tegmark

For more, please go to the 29-page document (PDF) in ArXiv:
Dimensionless constants, cosmology and other dark matters, January 11, 2006, Table 1, page 2, 5.