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Paola Zizzi
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Pavia, Italy

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Most recent email: 16 November 2020

Dear Prof. Dr. Paola Zizzi:

At least ten years ago, I was inside CHAPTER 5: The Conscious Connection (PDF) with Hameroff and Powell and discovered that little reference to Paola Zizzi and the Penrose OR (Orchestrated Reduction). I copied those references and set them aside for further review.

In 2014 I was reading the Wikipedia article on Digital Physics and there you were again. You may have met friends from the old days, Ted Bastin and Ed Fredkin. Yes, I met and knew many who are referenced on that page.

On Tuesday, February 13, 2018 at  5:15 PM, I sent a little note to you; and today, I have started to aggregate all your writings on a reference page so I can better remember what I said to you along the way. That is this page: https://81018.com/zizzi/

Digital physics missed the Planck scale. Big bang theories hide it from view. What if you were to start all over again and consider the concrescence of the Planck base units renders a primordial sphere. Now, the logic that follows is a better, more natural inflation than Guth and that crowd ever gave us.

I’ve been writing about it:

I know how terribly idiosyncratic it all is, but nobody has kicked it out.
You can!

Thank you for all that you have done!

 First email: Tue, Feb 13, 2018, 5:15 PM

Dear Paola:

Not that I’ve understood it thoroughly, but I love the spirit of the first article that I engaged: Spacetime at the Planck Scale: The Quantum Computer View. I am now working on this one: From SU(2) gauge theory to qubits on the fuzzy sphere

Fair warning! If you happen to know John Baez, he considers this work to be idiosyncratic. And, he is entirely correct. I want to bring infinity back into the transformation to qubits spheres that generate tetrahedrons and then tetrahedral-octahderal complexes. Silliness perhaps, but if infinity is defined as continuity, symmetry and harmony, perhaps we can open a new door. Thank you.

Most sincerely,

Bruce Camber

PS. I will soon try to work your work into this article currently in process: https://81018.com/relations


“Astrophysicist Paola Zizzi has applied Penrose OR (Orchestrated Reduction) to the problem of inflation in the early universe. During the Big Bang, the universe expanded (inflated) rapidly—for about 10×-33 seconds. But rapid inflation then stopped abruptly, and expansion has been slow ever since. Zizzi (2002) considered that during inflation the universe was in quantum superposition of multiple possible universes. Using E=h/t and setting E to the mass of the universe, Zizzi calculated that OR threshold would be met, surprisingly, at 10×-33 seconds into the Big Bang, and conjectured that the end of inflation coincided with the universe undergoing a cosmic conscious moment (the ‘Big Wow’). She further suggested our individual consciousnesses are literal microcosms related to the initial cosmic conscious moment.”

From an online discussion, (search for “Astrophysicist Paola Zizzi has applied Penrose OR to the problem of inflation in the early universe.”): “It is argued, then, that pan-protopsychic qualities leading to conscious experience are woven into the quantum entanglements of the universe. This should be no less mysterious than electromagnetic fields emerging from Planck scale precursors of charge and spin. But is the Planck scale information random? Or is there a plan, rhyme or reason? Penrose proposed that non-computable information, including ‘Platonic’ values, might be encoded in Planck scale geometry. Could there be not only proto-conscious experience, but also wisdom and intelligence in the fine grain of reality?”