Upon following the work of John Willard Milnor

John Willard Milnor,  Institute for Advanced Study and Stony Book

•  John Willard Milnor (1985). “On the concept of attractor”. Communications in Mathematical Physics99 (2): 177–195. doi:10.1007/BF01212280

John Willard Milnor is one of the five mathematicians to have won the Fields Medal, the Wolf Prize, and the Abel Prize (the others being Serre, Thompson, Deligne, and Margulis).

•  The first exotic spheres were constructed by John Milnor (1956) in dimension  {\displaystyle n=7} as S^{3}bundles over S^4. He showed that there are at least 7 differentiable structures on the 7-sphere.

•  What can Koopmanism do for attractors in dynamical systems?, Viktoria Kühner, ArXiv, March 2019

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Second email: Wednesday, April 27, 2022 at 3:15 PM

Dear Prof. Dr. Jack Milnor:

I was hoping for a very quick YES / NO answer from that earlier email (just below).
Then, I began thinking about your health. I hope you are well.

Don’t you agree that we all are need a paradigm shift? I say, “Let’s force it open.”

1. Assume infinitesimal units on the order of Planck/Stoney are the start.
2. Assume one infinitesimal sphere per infinitesimal unit of time.
3. Assume between 539-to-4609 tredecillion spheres per second.
4. Assume both attractor theory and the Fourier transform have key roles.
5. Assume Langlands programs and string-and-M theory have key roles.

Might we have the making of an ALT model of the universe?

Perhaps James Peebles could participate in it?

Thank you.



PS. I am now indexing and following your work here: https://81018.com/milnor/ I am building references to your work: https://81018.com/gravity/#References as well as quoting you. The document, https://81018.com/gravity/#4f, is as far as I have come today, however, I am working on it! -BEC

First email: 24 April 2022 at 3:17 PM

RE: Is the attractor scale invariant?

Dear Prof. Dr. Jack Milnor:

If the attractor is scale invariant, could the Planck scale be considered state space?

Thank you.

Warm regards,