Upon learning about the work of Harry Cliff…

Harry Cliff, Science Museum Fellow,
LHCb, Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London, SW7 2DD UK

ArXiv (it appears that all papers are CERN collaborations of the many)
Homepages: Personal, Cambridge
Twitter (August 2016)
YouTubeThe Royal Institution

Second note: 11 July 2020
(sent within a form inside https://www.harrycliff.co.uk/)

Editor’s note: The email sent in 2019 was resent with slight edits. Often emails to scholars are resent withe the question, “Have you received this email?” -BEC

First email:  26 November 2019 @ 11:45 AM

Dear Dr. Harry Cliff:

I love your energy and engagement and zest. You’ve got the “it from bits... a deep passion for life and a boldness for truth. Given your deep involvement with CERN, you might enjoy my little note to Dr. Fabiola Gianotti ( https://81018.com/c-2/ ):

“Your comments are prescient. You said, ‘Science has no passport, no political party, no gender.’ Yes, so true, so profoundly true. Yet, I think we can agree, however, that science has a personality, biases, and intransigence. It has an attitude. It has a belief system. And, the fundamentals of that belief system just may not reflect our so-called really real universe as well as it could. Just maybe in 1687 Newton threw us off with his absolute space and time. Just maybe Leibniz was closer to the truth! We know from the 1999 conference on structure formation at the Newton Institute at Cambridge that Hawking and Guth and so many others were challenged — something is not quite right with the infinitely-hot start of the universe.”

“It is interesting to think that Lemaître with his 1927 model initially started cold.
There is still so much we don’t know and so much to learn.”

“Let’s take up the challenge to see something more fundamental than space and time. Can we find something more fundamental than particles and waves? All the dimensionless constants, plus the mathematics of Langlands programs and string theory open unexpected doors for a truly mathematical definition of the Planck scale physics as a foundation for CERN-level physics.”

“This next time around, let’s bring the two together.”
I thank you for all you do to bring science alive!

Bruce   http://81018.com

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