19 July – 17 December 1999, meeting in Cambridge, England

NATO’s Advanced Study Institute

Structure Formation in the Universe

This conference at Isaac Newton Institute in Cambridge, England was convened “by invitation only” so to involve the leading scholars of big bang cosmology. Although not quite so pointedly stated, the purpose was to explore alternatives to that longstanding theory. Go to Institute’s pages.

1999 Participants

Andreas Albrecht, Raphael Bousso, Savas Dimopoulos, George Efstathiou, Willy Fischler, Alan Guth, S. W. Hawking, Rocky KolbLawrence KraussJoao Magueijo, Juan Maldacena, Lisa Randall, Martin J. Rees, Joseph Silk, Lee Smolin, Paul J. SteinhardtLeonard Susskind, Neil Turok, Gabriele Veneziano, and Alex Vilenkin. Many others like Keith Dienes, Burt Ovrut, Valery Rubakov, David Spergel, and Michael Turner also attended.

2019 Analysis: Given the event was within the Isaac Newton Institute, it might be considered rather impolite if attendees were to begin to debunk Isaac Newton’s 1687 theory of absolute space and time, however, to open a truly new theory about the earliest structures of the universe, the fundamentality of space and time must be addressed. More

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Tom Banks and Michael Duff‘s names have been associated with the NATO conference. They are not among the list of attendees so more research will be done.