West, Kanye

@kanyewest You are very smart 
and know there is too much that we don't know.

We're off -- intellectually off, 
emotionally off, and ethically off.

Let's see if there is a better starting point.

Here's a simple model of the entire universe.


A few Tweets in June 2018

  1. Excellent with Mark . I’ve studied a little Franz Rosenthal; now Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser is added to my studies! We do not need more worldviews. We need an mathematical-integrated view of the universe — — to open deeper insights.

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    You’re right. You’re right. You are right. Watch we will.

  3. At 70, I’m still at it: There is still plenty to do to right this little spaceship of ours. Congratulations on all that you are doing. Let’s find the best businesses and prepare them to be transferable to the next generation.

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    Are you in Chicago today, Dan? 💨🌫 …on assignment? ….writing about?

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    Yes, in the grand scheme, this is a blip. Most importantly, we need a better understanding of the nature of things. Now that Hawking is dead, perhaps we can revisit the Big Bang and learn how intimate this universe really is and how truth will always rise.

  6. The availability of all media inch from all time is overwhelming. Yet, the very best footage is your own footage. Your life is the drama; fill it with positives and effect the universe positively: Every thought word and deed impacts all of us.

  7. Sorry Dan, there is no division between the universal, aka the infinite and the finite and between God and humanity. Newton’s absolute time and Hawking’s bang are off and you’ve swallowed that silliness: opens that debate.

  8. Thank you, Spiros, for all your thoughtful work. I found you through your Planck quote which I used here: I’ll try learning more from your blogspot. Thanks. –

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    You are 100% right, Elizabeth. Question the obvious because our commonsense worldviews are inherited from our parents and their parents and so much of it was what was understood in that time. Question the old guard like Hawking and Sir Isaac:

  10. Be careful. It seems that Hawking, like Sir Isaac Newton who he followed (Lucasian professors #2 and #17), are both off about key concepts — absolute space and time and the big bang theory. We’re enjoying Gateway Canyons. Came in yesterday.

  11. Multicultural requires multi-religious which will require a new cosmology-to-ontology and epistemology. Without Hawking let us entertain new ideas. Here’s one that came out of a high school geometry class and is 100% predictive and its logic coheres:

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    Chad – you may find this work of some interest: An open letter about it all is here: I would enjoy your comments and counsel. -Bruce

  13. We have soaked up Newton’s absolute space and time and Hawking’s Big Bang. Both are wrong. Leibniz was right. Space/time is relational. Max Planck had it right: Discover an exponential universe:

  14. “Very serious that a person who is in prison for crimes of human rights can publish a book. It is as if they had let a condemned man from the Nuremberg Trials have published books when they were in prison. This country is sick.” All countries are sick and most people, too.

  15. Gotcha games are ultimately boring. Let’s get our cosmology and ontology straighten out and maybe our epistemology will follow:

  16. Liberals and conservatives should get together on these numbers— an integrated, mathematical and exponential universe in just 202 doublings from the Planck base units to the current Age of the Universe. It’s simple and it just might help build bridges:

  17. Hawking was tenacious, sets a new standard and resolute but the Big Bang was his undoing. Neil Turok, co-author and collaborator, said he was wrong:  What we need is an integrative theory that is mathematical, simple, predictive and closer to the truth.

  18. Our biggest block, an impasse, is the Big Bang theory. Although soundly criticized by many, it prevails because of a lack of a viable alternative. Here’s one that came out of a high school geometry class: And with the numbers:

  19. Roger, you, too, might want to look in on a harmony more basic than quantum geometries and chaos theory to have a sense of a deeper ordering of the universe. opens that discussion; is a sequel.

  20. Think Kepler, think of harmony being more deeply seated than chaos, think of spheres in an endless dance, think about the discordant as the geometries of the pentastar, icosahedron and pentakis dodecahedron: “might” help. Good luck with your project!

  21. Congratulations. Of course, you know that we are all animals. is right that we have a divine spark within us, yet we are also part of the animal kingdom. Understanding the divine spark is important: for more!

  22. Yes, simplicity and beauty will over shadow the chaos of the infinitely-dense, infinitely-small Big Bang theory whereby an orderly doubling of the Planck units will supersede the nonsense that we have today. opens the discussion.

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    The economics of abundance requires an epistemology, cosmology, and ontology of abundance and that will only happen when we discover that the universe is actually exponential. Euler’s identity! is my take on it to date.

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    Possibly neither. The exponential nature of debt just might be met with the exponential growth of knowledge, insight and wisdom; obviously wisdom is the key. The universe is exponential: and we’ve got to grasp that first!

  25. Re-read your WSJ article, “Memo to Hawking: There’s Still Room for God.” Just think he’s now getting a re-orientation with Newton’s help, to get over absolute time and begin to see the universe as it is: and finite-infinite transformations.

  26. Still at it, Paul. You might enjoy this little reflection on Weisskopf: Latest idiosyncratic postulations:

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    You might enjoy this little reflection:

  28. You might enjoy this little reflection: I think Peter might, too.

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    You might enjoy this little reflection:

  30. ⚡️ “Thinking about a time with Viki”

  31. How do we market simplicity, real deep simplicity that raises complexity? We’re getting there: Hawking and Newton started with the abstracted and complex and confused us all for centuries.

  32. Any possibility to get some feedback on this shape of the finite-infinite relation? Thanks. Beth…

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    How about this page for the finite-infinite connection: https://81018,com/growth

    BTW, your heart is right. Found you through “Cowley” of SSJE, in Cambridge, MA

  34. Are the “Cowley” pubs all online now? Looking….

  35. Less than a 15 second read… You are also the face of new possibilities. These eight folks (pictured), no matter how famous, are all just like you. Yes, let me hear from you!

  36. Less than a 15 second read… You are also the face of new possibilities. These eight folks (pictured), no matter how famous, are all just like you. Yes, let me hear from you.

  37. How about breaking through all the nonsense and little worldviews to begin to adopt a mathematically-integrated view of the universe: for the numbers and for the story. Let’s talk! See the

    Thanks, Amanda, I would have missed it.

  38. OK, you’re right. First you’ll need an integrated universe view: Just mathematics, but it is a continuity equation like no other. Visit the home page please and let me know what you think!

  39. Here you are listed among world leaders, Nobel laureates, and other key thought leaders: It is all about breaking out of little worldviews and adopting an integrated universe view in part defined by light! Light and love!

  40. Are you able to engage new ideas and insights? Have you ever heard of an integrated view of the universe by starting at the smallest scale and going to the largest? Planck Time to today? Liberating: Try it. It might raise a question or two.

  41. Spectacular header image! Nuut, Greenland? Vancouver? Let’s see our universe as a whole! Best wishes, Bruce

  42. Great life, Paul. Brilliantly jostled (Wiki read). You came in 1948 and I in 1947. At this time in our progression, let’s break out of tight worldviews. Adopt an integrated view of the universe. Not impossible: 202 base-2 steps from the start!

  43. If I were in England, I’d be there! Base-2, period-doubling bifurcation, and multiscale modeling just might awaken us all to an integrated scale of the universe. and my open letter to you: Congratulations. Best wishes!

  44. Congratulations on what you think, do and project. Regarding the powers of ten, you might find our powers of 2 (doublings) to be of some interest: We started in a high school geometry class! 202 steps from Planck Time to today!

  45. Tensions throughout our world, especially those out of politics or religion, come out of limited worldviews. If we open up integrated views of the universe, things will change. First, we starting with the simplest using simple math: Comments?

  46. You have a responsibility to open the best concepts for your students in India and the world. We need a mathematically-integrated view of the universe. The most simple uses base-2 from the Planck Scale: There are just 202 notations!

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    Here is a definition of ethics and values you probably have not entertained: and then

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    Get an integrated view of the universe using base-2 from the Planck units and dark matter-dark energy and homogeneity and isotropy have room to breathe with plenty of possibility for mathematics to engage:

  49. Humanists might also work on an integrated model of the universe whereby humanism and universalism find a common ground. There are 202 doublings of the Planck base units at the start of the universe to this day:

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    Your stridency on Fox News, Martha MacCullum, is unbecoming, detached, and illogical. There are many of us who were not enamored with Trump but we were less enamored with Clinton. You are loosing your credibility with us as just another bull-in-a-less than intelligent dialogue.

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  52. What is missing in this discussion is the understanding of an integrated view of the universe – based on simple mathematics that encapsulates the Standard Models (with some adjustments).


Zaldarriaga, Matias

Matias Zaldarriaga
Professor of Astrophysics
Institute for Advanced Study
School of Natural Sciences
Einstein Drive
Princeton, New Jersey 08540


First email: 9 May 2018 12 Noon
References: ArXiv –  Heating of the intergalactic medium by the cosmic microwave background during cosmic dawn

Subject: Heating mechanism within a simple mathematical (base-2) model of the universe

Dear Prof. Dr. Matias Zaldarriaga:

Congratulations on a most impressive scholarly career.
The best of the best.

It is a simple bit of logic that rendered a simple, highly-integrated,
mathematical view of the universe albeit entirely idiosyncratic.

It came out of a STEM effort within a high school in 2011.

What if we were to back away from the two Lucasian Professors,
Newton and Hawking, the infinitely-hot and infinitely-dense within
Newton’s absolute plenum of time, and start fresh with just
the Planck base units, using base-2 or period-doubling bifurcation,
go out the 202 notations to the current time whereby every notation
is still at work so the arrow of time is just a local notational phenomena?

Too simple? Maybe so, but our cosmological “processes” are rather
consistent with the history of the Standard Model for Lambda-CDM Cosmology.
Doesn’t simplicity rule? Isn’t there a place for elegance and beauty?
Doesn’t Euler’s identity apply to the universe?

Here’s my seven year ride on this little wagon: https://81018.com/growth
History: https://81018.com/home
Chart: https://81018.com/chart
Logic: https://81018.com/logic/
Euler: https://81018.com/euler/

Comments? Thank you.

Most sincerely,

2018: Reflections on the tensions within this world

We can’t just stand by and hope for the best.

This website — https://81018.com — was started to explore a new foundation for thinking about the universe and who we are.

If we start from the Planck scale and just double it over and over again, we come up to the current time and size of the universe in just 202 doublings. https://81018.com/chart/

There is a certain logic and mathematics involved that circumscribes Newton’s concept of space and time so both are finite, quantized, derivative and certainly not absolute.  That is a major shift in our perspective of life and ourself. Because nobody has yet debunked it since we started on December 19, 2011 — https://81018.com/home/ — it requires further study.

The homepage is always the most current work: https://81018.com/

What do we do now?
What’s the next step?
I would love to hear from you.




Wilczek Turok Freese1 Khaled   West  Perry  Luminet  Rovelli

Riley, Pat

Pat Riley
Bruce Camber’s Sister-in-law

First email: Sunday, 29 April 2018

Dear Pat:

Let’s see if we can get inside the story known as the Wheat & Chessboard.*
It is a simple-but-mind-boggling story. Although there are many other
versions of the story, I think this version of the story the best:
It does the expansion in pennies and you end up with over
$184,467,440 trillion dollars. Just to put that in context,
in 2017 the global debt of all the nations, all companies,
and all people was estimated to be $215 trillion.

You could pay off everyone’s debt everywhere and hardly
knew you did! That’s the  beginning of the mind boggling.

Now, our chart of the universe is a lot like the chessboard
but instead of 64 squares, we have 202 and that just about
accounts for everything everywhere in the universe!

Crazy, isn’t it?

And I guess one has to be a little crazy to be thinking about
such things…. it is all quite simple if we slow down
a little and think about it. Because I know you are very good
with numbers, why not think about it a little?

Be well. Give my brother a squeeze!
Bruce Camber

PS. Access to this story is with many of my letters to scholars right here:
https://81018.com/alphabetical/#R. You’ll see your name under the “R’s”.
* The URL for the first link is to a page in Wikipedia:

Chen, Yanguang

Yanguang Chen
Department of Geography
College of Urban and Environmental Sciences,
Peking University, Beijing 100871, PR China

Key Quote:  “This suggests that the origin of bifurcation and chaos is two-population coupling and interaction rather than intrinsic randomicity of determinate models.”

First email: 21 April 2018

Dear Prof. Dr. Yanguang Chen:

Reading your ArXiv papers, particularly Reinterpreting the Origin of Bifurcation and Chaos by Urbanization Dynamics (2017), whereby “the 2-dimensional rural-urban coupling map can create the same bifurcation and chaos patterns as those from the 1-dimensional logistic map.”

I wonder if you might think about a very interesting progression created by doubling the Planck base units, then doubling each new value. Once doubled 202 times, Planck Time has gone from the first moment of time to this very day: https://81018.com/chart

It would seem such a progression opens more questions than answers, yet it embraces chaos,  I believe, in a more fundamental manner than the urbanization measurement and this progression calls to question the conclusion that “the whole trajectory expands infinitely in the region between two radicals. ”

May I call you for a discussion?

Thank you.

Most sincerely,
Bruce Camber
Bifurcation/chaos homepage: https://81018.com/imagination

Xin, Jack

Jack Xin
Editor-in-chief, Multiscale Modeling & Simulation
Professor of MathematicsUniversity of California at Irvine
Professor of the Institute for Mathematical Behavioral Sciences
Professor of the Center for Hearing Research
Irvine, California


Second email: Wednesday, April 25, 2018 at5:18 PM

Dear Prof Dr. Jack Xin:

To keep track of our emails-letters-notes-tweets to scholars around the world, some are posted alphabetically within our website. As we explore the issues of multiscale modeling, there will be references to you and your work, your journal, SIAM, and other works by your Multiscale authors. As I study the interactions between such diverse systems —  period-doubling bifurcation,  multiscale modeling, nonlinear dynamical systems, chaos theory, and fractals — there will be many questions and observations in light of our base-2 work from the Planck scale to the current time.

May I keep you informed?

Thank you.



First email:  Wed, Apr 18, 2018 at 5:45 PM

Subject: Would an article for “Multiscale Modeling and Simulation” be of some interest?

Dear Prof. Dr. Jack Xin:

In 2011 my nephew asked me to substitute in his high school geometry and ACT classes in New Orleans. The students knew me as Uncle Bruce because in a few prior encounters, I had them build geometric forms based on Plato’s solids. Here is a sample of that work: https://81018.com/tot

On the last day of class before Christmas break, instead of serving milk and cookies and reading stories, the students and I began developing a scaling chart of the universe: https://81018.com/home/ The kids and I were quite fascinated by an exploration together of the universe’s relative measurements at different scales.

In the high school, that single day turned into an ongoing odyssey of exploration in Planck unit number relationships. Such scaling recalls a well-known book, Powers of Ten: About the Relative Size of Things in the Universe, but with a vital difference. We used the Planck base units to discover a systematic doubling that goes on from scale to scale.

We have long been looking for a means to justify or explain this behavior. It just might be a variant of the doubling phenomenon that occurs in a discrete dynamical system: Period-doubling bifurcation (Wikipedia). It seems to us that this doubling occurs as measurement moves from scale to scale in the universe, but we do not find that observation mentioned anywhere in your literature or the the chaos theory literature. Taken as a given, could it indicate that the universe itself is a continuous dynamical system?

The intriguing possibility suggested by our rather encompassing multiscale chart has been endlessly fascinating to us… that the entire universe could be encapsulated within the scaling bandwidth of 202 doublings! Who would have ever thought….?

The Planck units were the ruler. The doublings were the measurement that resulted. The goal was theoretically verifying the age and size of the observable universe by a systematic exploration of these doublings.

Over the years, its exploratory website has burgeoned: https://81018.com/chart
Might you advise us? Where has our logic gone askew? If it hasn’t gone askew, are we onto to something? If so, we will need some serious coaching and would hope that you might be able to help us a little.

Most sincerely,