Kaku, Michio

Michio Kaku

Big ThinkThe Universe as a Symphony
Book (recent): The Future of the Mind

Most recent email: May 31, 2017

Co-founder of Field String Theory explains why the universe has 11 dimensions rather than any oth… http://sumo.ly/A1dO via @bigthink


Dear Prof. Dr. Kaku:

Thank you for your very compelling synopsis of

M-Theory within BigThink. Wonderful.

Does M-Theory jive with big bang cosmology?
Could it be harmonized with a simple quiet expansion,
i.e. couldn’t the universe have started a bit more simply

from the Planck units by engaging base-2 exponentiation,

expanding rather quietly to the first second at notation #143

then rumbling on out to the Age of the Universe within the 202nd notation?


All of human history is within that last notation.

It is simple, sweetly naive, yet rather compelling.


What do you think?







Bruce Camber

currently in New Orleans


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