A Few Key Concepts, Postulations Or Foundations

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The Finite and the Infinite. This is a study of the finite,
yet the infinite has a substantial, abiding and fundamental role.
Within these studies the infinite is defined as
1. continuity, that which creates order,
2. symmetry, that which creates relations, and
3. harmony, that which creates dynamics.

These three postulations about form and function assume a panoply of necessary-and-abiding transformations. In discussing the nature of the infinite, we choose to use those terms that have a clear application within math and science and to avoid all religious and theological language and leave such extensions to each reader.
Background: Taken by themselves, those three statements appear reasonable. Set within the 202 base-2 notations from the Planck base units to this current moment, the Now or current time, defining the Age of the Universe, it challenges us to see how the entire universe is bound together with a most-simple mathematical and geometrical system that redefines time-and-space and our relation to the universe.
These concepts were first written down in 1972 to define the three faces of a perfected state in space-and-time. Each seemed to hold plausible answers to deeper questions about superconductors, quantum fluctuations, sleep, consciousness, reproduction… but the articulation of those facets was too weak and generalized. There was no systemic application or coherence.
The entire universe contained within 202 notations that are profoundly and deeply integrated is a new beginning. It re-awakens the finite-infinite relation. And, it thrusts enormous responsibility on each of us for our every thought, word and deed because everything we do impacts the universe.