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A Study of Notation #149 of 202

Overview: This notation is now defining our universe within 38.47 seconds of activity. Planck Time has now been doubled 149 times. The Planck Length doubling is now 11,533,588.224 kilometers. That is almost 10 times larger than the diameter of our sun (1.392 million kilometers). The Planck mass has doubled out to 1.5532×1036 kilograms, substantially greater than the sun (1.989×1030 kilograms). The Planck Charge, a coulombs number has doubled over and over out to 1.3384×1027 or 1338 yottacoulombs. What that coulombs figure might be equivalent? How many suns for example? 1,338,400,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 lightening bolts doesn’t really say much.

The temperature based on Planck units is now 3.146×1016 Kelvin. Within the big bang theory, the projected temperature is 109 Kelvin. One might assume that is is per meters cubed. We will take the calculation for size, 11,533,588.224 kilometers, and figure out what the temperature rating would be. We are confident several graduate students and their professors can help. We will more closely determine when the photon epoch and nucleosynthesis begins.

Notation T (seconds) L (meters) M (kilograms) C (Coulombs) T (Kelvin)
149 38.47432.
11,533,588.224.km 1.5532×1036 kg 1.3384×1027 C 1.573×1016 K