A note to Ted Trimpa of Denver, Colorado

Ted Trimpa is at http://tedtrimpa.com
Ross Kaminsky is at https://koacolorado.iheart.com/featured/ross-kaminsky

First email: 25 October 2022 at 2:50 PM

Note: Ted Trimpa was interviewed by Ross Kaminsky of the iHeart Radio group in Denver, Colorado. They two talked sensibly and earnestly about the emotional state of Colorado and the country. It prompted this note to Ted:

Hi Ted, 

Ross Kaminsky likes you and believes you are a fair person. The problem with party politics is that none of the parties have a large enough worldview. In fact, to be truly inclusive and forward thinking, we each need a highly-integrated view of the universe.

It is not as complex as it is currently made out to be. 

The smallest recognized units of space-and-time were defined by Max Planck in 1899 and reinforced in 2001 by Nobel laureate,Frank Wilczek, in Physics Today. Apply base-2 and there are just 202 doublings to include everything, everywhere for all time.

That’s an integrated view of the universe! It reveals more about us and our universe than most people know and grasp. Here are the basic basics.

I would like to apply it to party politics to see if it can liberate us from all the small thinking.  Can we talk?


Warm regards,


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