On following the work of Shadab Alam…

Shadab Alam, University of Edinburgh, Scotland UK

ArXiv (63), ADSinSpireHEP
Dissertation: Mysteries of Universe Imprinted on Redshifts, 2016 (PDF)
Homepage(s): Google sites, LinkedIN, ResearchGate, Lecture

First email: Nov 5, 2022, 1:45 PM

Dear Shadab:

Can we envision the universe? We accept that it is bigger than big. Is too big to envision? Can we envision the big bang?  We accept a “singularity” but that’s not easy. Might a more minimalist theory be better?

Would you entertain the concept that the universe is truly scale invariant from the current expansion to the Planck base units? What if those units are not a singularity, but manifest as an infinitesimal sphere  defined by those base units? Can it be tested in any way?  

We applied base-2 to Planck Time and there are 202 notations or doublings to the age of the universe. Minimalistic to the core and initially hard to believe, it is a highly-integrated mathematical and geometric model whereby the first possible measurements are within Notations 67 (length) and 72 (time). https://81018.com/chart/

It is a major mindshift. It took us a few years reflecting on the simple logic to actually begin to make the shift.

Now, I must say, “congratulations” on your 63 articles in ArXiv, and especially for your dissertation, Mysteries of Universe Imprinted on Redshifts. Yes, I agree with you that “…nature turns out to be an amazing scriptwriter enticing the humans at every step with a new mystery.”

Thanks for all that you do and are doing. Again, Congratulations.

Warm regards,


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