Dyer, Wayne W. (May 10, 1940 – August 29, 2015)

Twitter:  May 9, 2020

Editor’s note:  Along the path, we all bump into all sorts of people with very strong egos. There is a fine balance between strong and arrogant and even narcissistic. In the early ’70s, he wrote his first book that sold over 100 million copies! Notwithstanding, with such initial success, there seemed to be a balance with Wayne Dyer. His estate appears to be carrying on his legacy both with his Twitter feed and website.  -BEC

Dr Wayne W Dyer

If we are destined to break free of our little worldviews, it’ll take adopting an integrated view of the universe.

Our little start uses base-2 to go from Max Planck’s most basic units to the age of the universe in 202 doublings: http://81018.com It’s just a start!

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