McTaggart, Lynne

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A Message on Friday, May 23, 2020

You are doing important work. Congratulations.
There’s so much to learn within the power of eight.

I ask people who push a particular worldview,
“Is it fully integrated with the universe?”

For most of us the universe is too big.
Very simple mathematics can make it
so much smaller, it becomes intimate.
That’s a little different.

To have it fully integrated within a simple model
surely is a bit peculiar, but it’s possible.

First you outline the universe:
and then you look for those most-obvious functionalities
that readily build on each other.

Before I get more verbose, let me thank you
again for all that you do to have us grasp
the essences of relationality.


PS. I think this most recent work on our site
is a special breakthrough:
Nobody should be arrogant, especially
Aristotle, Newton and Hawking!  -B

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