Compliments and a question for Ian Hugh White…

Ian H. White, Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University
Master of Jesus College, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England, UK

On this website: Listing with other scholars

First email: 14 November 2018

Dear Prof. Dr. Ian White,

You understand light perhaps better than most scholars and you have seen the Light as well! With extraordinary accomplishments — in excess of 900 papers and 30 patents — all while serving as the Master of Jesus College has to be perfectly inspired.

As well, I thank you for all your efforts to increase the throughput of the web. Just brilliant.

I write to you to inquire about Max Planck’s work with his equations from 1899-1905, all now understood as the Planck base units. His simple definition of Planck Time is tP = lP/that is, Planck Time is equal to Planck Length divided by the speed of light. Of course, therefore, light is equal to Planck Length divided by Planck Time.

It is a curious equation.

If we were to apply base-2 notation (doublings) to the Planck units, of course the equation holds true but it becomes a variable speed of light across all of the 202 notations from those base units to the Age of the Universe and the size of the universe. That it all seems to suggest that space and time are discrete, quantized, and derivative could be a welcomed shift in perspective given Einstein’s work and our current bottlenecks within theoretical physics.

This may all just be silliness; it’s idiosyncratic for sure. Notwithstanding, do you think there could be something here to explore further?  Thank you.

Most sincerely,



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