Lewis, Geraint

Geraint Lewis

School of Physics
Sydney Institute for Astronomy
University of Sydney
Sydney, Australia


First email: 14 November 2018

Dear Prof. Dr. Geraint Lewis:

In the course of studying Plato’s forms, particularly observing how the tetrahedron perfectly encloses a half-sized tetrahedron in each of the four corners and an octahedron in the middle, and how the octahedron perfectly encloses six half-sized octahedrons in each corner and a tetrahedron in each of the eight faces, we got to thinking about Zeno. If we continued going within, how far could we go? Would we hit a wall, possibly defined by the Planck Length?

In 45 steps (on paper) we were in the size range of the proton. In 67 more steps, we were touching the Planck Wall.

Idiosyncratic for sure.  It is reminiscent of Kees Boeke’s 1957 work with base-10.

Of course, we then went the other direction, doubling the sizes; and within 90 steps, we were out to the edges of the universe. Some time later we added Planck Time and watched with amazement as the two tracked so well together. Then we added Planck Mass and Planck Charge and became overwhelmed with the information.

It made for some widely speculative thinking.
Our numbers are here: https://81018.com/chart/
Our little history is here: https://81018.com/home/
It’ll soon be seven years from the first wild-and-crazy days.
Then, because we got no critical review, I pulled it back from
the classroom.  It could be tainting our college-bound students.
Most speculatively we see how each notation builds on each other.

Certainly less sophisticated than Langlands Programs
(we are still trying to grasp that work), we were excited to find
Neil Turok’s work —- https://81018.com/bbtheory/where he says
the universe is constantly starting.  In its special way, all Time
appears to be Now and everything “imprints” on the universe.

The first 64 or so notations are below the thresholds of measurement
and a wonderful area to consider the most speculative theories!
Your thoughts and comments, discouragement or encouragement
would be highly regarded and appreciated.

Kind thanks.

Most sincerely

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