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Claudia de Rham
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We’re coming up with such a ridiculous answer that it really forces us to reinvestigate every single assumption that we made along the way to get there.” – Claudia de Rham, Quanta Magazine, The Physicist Who Slayed Gravity’s Ghosts, by Thomas Lewton, August 2020

First email: Nov 12, 2020, 5:47 PM

Dear Prof. Dr. Claudia de Rham:

If the answers are so ridiculous, why not try a ridiculously simple model? Why not start with Max Planck’s base units and assume a cold start and the emergence of a primordial sphere seemingly ex nihilo. That would be one plancksphere per plancksecond and, of course, at that rate per second
a rather astronomical expansion would be underway.

Last month I wrote this up:
Right now, I am working here: 
That quote of yours is on that page! Now, I realize that such a model is rather pedestrian because it is too simple, embarrassingly so.
Might you comment?
Thank you.


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