IAS Scholars over the years

Institute for Advanced Study (IAS)

Background: Einstein introduced the world to the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey [1]. Many of us believed the institute was part of Princeton University, but we quickly learned that it has its own very unique relatively brief history. It is just down the hill, a few blocks south of the Princeton University campus. In 1979 I visited with Freeman Dyson for a project that I was developing for MIT and the WCC (as a doctoral student at Boston University). I was searching for vibrant scholars who were willing to risk their reputations for new insights and possible answers. I returned to Princeton twenty-years later to visit with John Conway on the Princeton campus. That little corner of the world, just a bit over an hour from NYC (and just over an hour to Philadelphia going southwest) is a place for deep thinkers to be in a most-idyllic location not far from all the action.

The Pursuit of Truth. Over the years there have been many emails to IAS scholars:

  1. Einstein (just an article – no letters): https://81018.com/einstein/
  2. Freeman Dyson: https://81018.com/dyson/
  3. Kurt Gödel, 1940-1978 (under development)
  4. Steve L. Adler, https://81018.com/adler/
  5. Michael Atiyah: https://81018.com/atiyah/
  6. Nima Arkani-Hamed: https://81018.com/envision/ Reference and emails
  7. Jonathan Bagger: https://81018.com/bagger/
  8. Ana Caraiani: https://81018.com/caraiani/
  9. Robbert Dijkgraaf, former director: https://81018.com/2014/11/15/dijkgraaf/
  10. Isabel Garcia-Garcia, https://81018.com/garcia-garcia/
  11. Robert Langlands: https://81018.com/langlands/
  12. Avi Loeb: https://81018.com/loeb-avi/ (Dark Matter)
  13. Jacob Lurie: https://81018.com/lurie/
  14. Natalie Paquette: https://81018.com/paquette/
  15. Nathan Seiburg: https://81018.com/seiburg/
  16. Rafael Sorkin: https://81018.com/sorkin/
  17. Karen Uhlenbeck: https://81018.com/uhlenbeck/
  18. Akshay Venkatesh: https://81018.com/venkatesh/
  19. John Wheeler: https://81018.com/wheeler/
  20. Ed Witten: https://81018.com/witten/
  21. Matias Zaldarriaga: https://81018.com/2018/05/09/zaldarriaga/

Visiting scholars: Steve Carlip, Stanley Deser, Rainer Dick, Willy Fischler, Michael Green, Brian Greene, David Gross, Gerard ‘t Hooft, Shamit Kachru, Michio Kaku, Hirosi Ooguri, Lee Smolin, Paul Steinhardt, Matthew Strassler, Leonard Susskind, Cumrun Vafa, Frank Wilczek and others

Gödel: https://81018.com/alternative/#12f


Sir Michael Atiyah, a former Professor and Member at the Institute for Advanced Study (1969–72, School of Mathematics), gave a seminar on November 8, 2010, on “Beauty and Truth in Mathematics: A Tribute to Albert Einstein and Hermann Weyl.”

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[1] Wikipedia’s Statement about IAS

[2] More to come…

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