On following the work of Akshay Venkatesh…

Akshay Venkatesh, Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton, NJ

ArXiv: Sparse equidistribution problems, period bounds, and subconvexity
Homepage (Stanford)
YouTube (Fields Medal)2018 Number TheoristFields Medal

Within this website: https://81018.com/transformation/#11b

First email: 3 August 2019

Dear Prof. Dr. Akshay Venkatesh:

What a privilege to discover your ArXiv work, especially as related
to a bound period of automorphic forms and to periods and harmonic
analysis on spherical varieties. I have quite a lot of work to do
before I can responsibly cite your work, yet I can well imagine doing so.

My naive and rather idiosyncratic work begins here:
The URL for that current homepage is actually:

I expect your substantial research will open and inform our work
in very significant ways. It might even close it down! Anticipating
no less, let me send a special thanks for all your work and scholarship.
Yes, “Thank you!”