Fischler, Willy

Willy Fischler

Theory Group, University of Texas Austin
Austin, Texas

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First email:  October 31, 2018, 2:43 PM

Dear Prof. Dr. Willy Fischler:

Regarding motion at the Planck scale and your work on that NSF grant for String Theory and Quantum Field Theory: From the Planck Scale to the Hubble Scale,  I’ve particularly begun to follow your work with Tom Banks on holographic space-time and the initial conditions for inflation.

You and your people are today’s pioneers and quiet heroes. Congratulations on all that you have done. Of course, I thank you.

Before going further, let me assure you that I am a nobody from nowhere special and I have already stretched young minds in ways that may not be helpful, especially within their academic careers, so I continue my studies with great purpose-and-direction!

Long ago I had a chat with Weinberg in his office at Harvard while I was a graduate student at Boston University working on a project at MIT; and just yesterday, I came full-circle with his book, The First Three Minutes.

Perhaps I have missed the others, but it seems your article with Banks is the first to predict an early era of structure formation prior to the Big Bang. If you were to set aside the big bang thinking for a bit and enter the Leibniz-Boltzmann space of low entropy, where are we? I suspect in the Planck Epoch (a “Turok process“) with the Planck base units, and possibly we are witnessing the first, very-special sphere. That charge and inherent energies of light manifesting as space-time-and-mass, make for a very special moment that replicates over and over again, instantly creating a doubling and … the very simple beginning of inflation.

I am working through HST cosmology and FRW slices. Yet, in our simple sphere environment, we have 64 base-2 doublings within which to bring in all this very important conceptual work that is at the edges of my understanding.

As smart as Planck was, the wars and family were penultimate distractions. He could have applied base-2 to his Planck scale base units and found the 64 doublings before we could possibly begin to measure things. He could have found all 202 doublings to the current Age of the Universe but history obfuscated Planck’s work until Wilczek’s 2001 articles in Physics Today.

It appears that I have gone on too long. Please excuse me.

Again, congratulations on all your work. I hope that I have not wasted your time.

The long-and-short of it, perhaps you can tell me (and about 80 students) why base-2 cannot be applied to the Planck base units. Thanks again.

Most sincerely,