Zaldarriaga, Matias

Matias Zaldarriaga

Professor of Astrophysics
Institute for Advanced Study
School of Natural Sciences
Einstein Drive
Princeton, New Jersey 08540

YouTube: Modern Cosmology and the Origin of Our Universe,

First email: 9 May 2018 12 Noon
References: ArXiv –  Heating of the intergalactic medium by the cosmic microwave background during cosmic dawn

Subject: Heating mechanism within a simple mathematical (base-2) model of the universe

Dear Prof. Dr. Matias Zaldarriaga:

Congratulations on a most impressive scholarly career.
The best of the best.

It is a simple bit of logic that rendered a simple, highly-integrated,
mathematical view of the universe albeit entirely idiosyncratic.

It came out of a STEM effort within a high school in 2011.

What if we were to back away from the two Lucasian Professors,
Newton and Hawking, the infinitely-hot and infinitely-dense within
Newton’s absolute plenum of time, and start fresh with just
the Planck base units, using base-2 or period-doubling bifurcation,
go out the 202 notations to the current time whereby every notation
is still at work so the arrow of time is just a local notational phenomena?

Too simple? Maybe so, but our cosmological “processes” are rather
consistent with the history of the Standard Model for Lambda-CDM Cosmology.
Doesn’t simplicity rule? Isn’t there a place for elegance and beauty?
Doesn’t Euler’s identity apply to the universe?

Here’s my seven year ride on this little wagon:

Comments? Thank you.

Most sincerely,

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