On following the work of Ana Caraiani

Ana Caraiani, Hausdorff Chair, University of Bonn, Royal Society University Research Fellow, and Imperial College London.

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First email: Thursday, December 8, 8:43 AM 

Dear Prof. Dr. Ana Caraiani:

Have you ever looked at a base-2 progression from the Planck base units to the current time? We did our first progression in a New Orleans high school back in December 2011. That story is here: https://81018.com/home/ We added Planck time in 2014 —  https://81018.com/chart/ — and we’ve been more actively exploring it ever since.

There are about 64 notations before encountering CERN’s measurements of particles, waves and fluctuations. That’s a huge domain for mathematics, logic, numbers and geometries. Have you ever explored it? Thank you.