The Question: Is there a new simple science based on emergent math that could be a platform for Langlands programs, string and M-theory, all our hypothetical particles, and SUSY, and for the Standard Models for Particle Physics and Cosmology, and even for the Mind and consciousness?

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First, Let’s Redefine Infinity:

Keep it as simple as possible.

by Bruce E. Camber, August 27, 2021 (not yet a first draft)

Conceptually the sphere is the most simple and most perfect object in the known universe. It is largely determined by Pi (π). The more we study pi, the more we are confident that it is a manifestation of infinity. Pi defines every circle and sphere. Although a simple relation, ratio of circumference to diameter, there is nothing simple about pi (or tau).

The three basic facets of pi do not qualify as finite, so we ascribe them to be the definition of infinity: Continuity is the basis for order; symmetry is the basis for relations; and, harmony is the basis for dynamics.

The qualitative expression of continuity, symmetry and harmony is infinite; the quantitative expression defines the finite. Infinity defines the first physical sphere. It is an infinitesimal sphere, defined by the Planck scale and manifests as spacetime. It is the first object within spacetime.

We have watched how pi and sphere stacking-and-packing generate the Euclidean geometries, particularly a perfect tiling and tessellating of all space and time (our definition of an infinitesimal aether) and it is postulated that there is one infinitesimal sphere generated for every unit of Planck space and Planck Time.

Take as a given that spheres are so generated, 539 tredecillion spheres per second would manifest if the Planck base units are assumed. We roughly estimate that would fill an area within the orbit of our International Space Station. In a year, it could fill the area defined by our Solar System. Of course, these figures will be tweaked over time.


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