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Alternative to Big Bang Cosmology

Introduction to Quantum Fluctuations In Light Of Exponentiation

Overview: Our base-2 exponentiation chart[1] from the Planck base units to the Observable Universe and Age of the Universe has just over 200 notations.  It is  logical and simple,  and a potential alternative to big bang cosmology.[2]

The first-possible physical measurements in our universe happen in labs like CERN (Geneva, Switzerland). Estimates of the ionic radius involved in their heavy ion collisions range from 30-to-300 picometers or approximately 3.9077×10-11 meters at the 81st notation to  3.12618×10-10 meters at the 84th notation. It appears that the collider measurements are within the scale of the 67th notation (2.38509×10-15 meters), the 66th notation (1.19254×10-15 meters)  yet some say down as small as  1.16459×10-18 meters at the 56th notation. These and the other numbers in the 200+ columns are real numbers, all multiples of the Planck base units.  See more

Sphere to tetrahedron-octahedron couplet
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Finite-Infinite relation
Quiet Expansion of the Universe: Learning from scholars like Frank Wilczek (MIT) and Freeman Dyson (Institute for Advanced Studies) can be intimidating. Trying not to be overwhelmed by their expertise, we shift our focus from particles to systems.

Values, ethics & integrity


News / Research opens for business: There are many websites associated with these efforts. Most attempt to capture historical moments in time and to analyze its possible role within academic work. There hasn’t been a place for personal reflections. That changes today.

Universe View: What is your expertise? There are many blanks; and all cells — over 2000 of them — will always be “under construction.”
#1 Top Ten (updated as a result of reader’s input)
Like a King or Queen
The Numbers: A horizontally-scrolled chart with 12 rows and 204 columns which makes up 34-pages side-by-side, and over 2000 blocks of information to analyze and eventually to understand.
More Numbers: The Universe From Scratch

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Is the Big Bang Boom Over
Is there an implosion already underway?
Quiet Expansion possible?
Correspondence to Hawking, Guth and Andrei Linde
Correspondence to the Director General, CERN, Geneva

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