On discovering the work of Cora Dvorkin and her group

Cora Dvorkin, Homepage(s): Harvard, ArXiv: https://arxiv.org/abs/2108.07821 Wikipedia

ReferencesDiscovering New Physics Beyond the Standard Model with Cosmological Data Sets (2018),  “Cosmological observations over the last few decades have provided us with a standard model of cosmology, where the six parameters that describe the data are constrained with percent-level accuracy. However, fundamental questions in our understanding of the universe remain unanswered. This project will address the following major puzzles in fundamental physics: (1) What is the physics that seeded the first structures in the universe? (2) What is the nature of Dark Matter and how is it related to particle physics?” Dvorkin adds, “This project will develop methods to analyze CMB data to help narrow down the shape of the inflation potential. Possible dark matter particles lighter than hydrogen will also be investigated.”

First email: April 3, 2023, 11:26 AM

Dear Prof. Dr. Cora Dvorkin:

You are a serious group doing important work, yet with the confluence of data from JWST, our most basic assumptions need re-review. Beyond the Standard Model, particularly from the Planck scale to the electroweak scale, has been studied meticulously.  Even when studied from the Planck scale, all the assumptions from the electroweak ladden the decision trees.

Questions for a paradigm shift:

  1. What if it all truly starts at the Planck scale
  2. What manifests first?
  3. Might infinitesimal spheres?
  4. Could Lemaitre’s “primeval atoms” be a metaphor?
  5. Is Fourier’s 1820 work (harmony) scale invariant to the Planck scale?
  6. Do sphere-stacking and cubic-close packing of equal spheres apply?
  7. Does it follow from Poincaré to Smale-and-Milnor?
  8. Do those earliest geometries define perfection? …a finite-infinite relation?
  9. Do these geometries then define quantum fluctuations?

My overviewhttps://81018.com/continuity-symmetry-harmony/
Our base-2 chart of numbers: https://81018.com/chart/
Our little history: https://81018.com/home/
Our earliest interpretation: https://81018.com/stem/
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Your most direct criticism would be appreciated. 

Thank you.

Most sincerely,