The work of scholars studied:

  1. Gerald Holton
  2. Cumrun Vafa
  3. Lisa Randall
  4. Avi Loeb
  5. Howard Georgi
  6. Osama Siddique
  7. William Hugh Woodin
  8. Noam Elkies
  9. Rudolf Schild
  10. Marcus Ossiander
  11. Dudley R. Herschbach
  12. Drew Gilpin Faust

Visiting Scholars: Matt Strassler
Associate: Eriko Hironaka
Honorary research associate: Jan Struik

Long, long ago: Arthur Loeb, Howard Gardner, Arthur McGill, Stephen Jay Gould, Willard Van Orman Quine, and Hilary Putnam were all most special professors and acquaintances. I first met Steven Weinberg while he was on the faculty at Harvard.

Even longer ago, back in 1947 when I was born, my father was working in the HVAC group at Harvard and one of their activities was keep the rooms cool where the Mark I and then the Mark II were housed. Within that first year, I was smelling the air of the Mark II.

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