Jim Khalili

Jameel Sadik Al-Khalili (aka “Jim”)
Professor of Physics, Professor of Public Engagement in Science
University of Surrey, Guildford, Surrey GU2 7XH, United Kingdom

Homepage: http://www.jimal-khalili.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jimalkhalili

First email: 10 September 2018  Homepage update: 17 September 2018

There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. If I gave up science every time I made a mistake I wouldn’t have got very far at all. That’s the point. And it does highlight how science works, that science is about transparency, it’s about being prepared to throw away an idea or notion or theory in the light of new understanding or evidence or experimental result. It’s not like other ideologies or beliefs of religions where you will stick to your views no matter what, science is about going where the evidence comes from…” – Prof. Dr. Jameel Sadik Al-Khalili

Dear Prof. Dr. Jim,

Thank you for your writings and de facto encouragement. We are in a quandary. Key scholars, it seems, ignore our data set believing it to be meaningless. How and why is this data meaningless? If we take the Planck base units and multiply them by 2, and then the results by 2, over and over and over again, in about 202 notations the numbers begin to look like the age and size of the universe: https://81018.com/chart/  Isn’t mathematics about consistency and logic?

When we started the project it was to address Zeno’s paradox and see how many steps within it would take to hit the Planck length wall. For high school, it was pretty heady stuff.  A STEM tool! We got going in that direction because we were chasing the tetrahedrons and octahedrons further and further within: https://81018.com/tot/ is our original model and https://81018.com/home/ is the background story.

That was 2011. My earlier work at Boston University and  MIT then kicked in and I was hooked. It was a model unlike anything I had ever studied — a mathematically-defined universe that went way smaller than I had ever been and considerably larger than I had ever conceived.  The first 64 notations opened my eyes. It has taken me six or seven years to begin to get comfortable dropping Newton and Hawking. With my deep respect for Cambridge University scholars, I asked, “How could there ever be a limited Lucasian professor?”

Your thoughts would be treasured as I head into writing an article about gravity.


Most sincerely,
Bruce Camber
Austin, Texas

PS. You have given me a lot of work
to do with all your online work.
Wonderful. Thank you.

First Tweet: 10 September 2018

@jimalkhalili Can we understand gravity if we do not understand space, time and infinity? Don’t we know that Newton was off?

http://81018.com asks the question and explores a rather different perspective using Planck’s base units and base-2 notation.

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