[8] Grand reductionism

Foundational Questions Institute: Undecidability, Uncomputability, and Unpredictability Essay Contest (2019-2020) Support materials for the submission by Bruce Camber in April 2020.

Determinant becomes unpredictable, uncomputable, and undecidable (PDF)

[1] Decidability
[2] Computability
[3] Predictability
[4] Undecidability
[5] Uncomputability
[6] Unpredictability
[7] First units
[8] Grand reductionism
[9] Triangulation
[10] Fourier
[11] Lorentz
[12] Poincaré spheres
[13] Planckspheres
One second: 299,792± km
[14] Automorphic forms
[16] Aristotle’s Mistake
[17] Fuzzy Universe
[18] Scholars
Background: The FQXi challenge is the first time this simple model has been part of a larger effort to understand the very nature of reality. Though the webpages have been posted since December 2011, and a specially-crafted website since September 2016, many of the FQXi members and advisors have been asked to comment. Now it is time.

[8] Grand Reductionism.  Some work has been done and much more work will follow with the CDM approach to the universeSteven Weinberg’s book, Facing Up will be as well. Grand reductionism harbors a negative connotation and that will be light of the work of Michael Silberstein, W. M. Stuckey, Timothy McDevitt within their recent book, Beyond the Dynamical Universe: Unifying Block Universe Physics and Time as Experienced, Oxford (2018) and their current work within their website, https://www.relationalblockworld.com/ and ArXiv articles.