[14] Automorphic forms

Foundational Questions Institute: Undecidability, Uncomputability, and Unpredictability Essay Contest (2019-2020) Support materials for the submission from Bruce Camber in April 2020.

Determinant becomes unpredictable, uncomputable, and undecidable (PDF)

[1] Decidability
[2] Computability
[3] Predictability
[4] Undecidability
[5] Uncomputability
[6] Unpredictability
[7] First units
[8] Grand reductionism
[9] Triangulation
[10] Fourier
[11] Lorentz
[12] Poincaré spheres
[13] Planckspheres
One second: 299,792± km
[14] Automorphic forms
[15] Base-2 and Prime Numbers
[16] Aristotle’s Mistake
[17] Fuzzy Universe
[18] Scholars
Background: This FQXi call for papers brings into focus the role of Langlands programs and string theory within this model of the universe.

[14] Automorphic forms. Cubic-close packing of equal spheres may further define the very nature of  automorphic forms. We are in search of scholars within the Langlands programs, string theory, and loop quantum gravity to help either build those bridges or understand better why those bridges would be impossible to build. Currently, among others, studying the work of Duff and Veneziano