I asked the group, FQXi, to judge our naive model of the universe.

Conversion Problems


Background: The Foundational Questions Institute invites papers to address various topics that are foundational to the physics industry. Thus, their name is perfect.

2019 was the very first time that I tried submitting a paper. It got hung up in an email failure so I was too late. It was a “No go.”

March 2020.  This year, I vowed to myself to get an article in early enough to validate that it got through. And, it did. It got through, but the PDF that went up on the FQXi website was rather ugly. Images moved and links were broken everywhere…

“No, no, no…”

The first conversion to a PDF for FQXi didn’t go well…  I just make mistakes. Middle name. For me, it is always successive approximations. Even this version linked above leaves a lot to be desired.  -Bruce


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