[4] Undecidability

Foundational Questions Institute: Undecidability, Uncomputability, and Unpredictability Essay Contest (2019-2020) Support materials for the submission by Bruce Camber in April 2020.

Determinant becomes unpredictable, uncomputable, and undecidable (PDF)

[1] Decidability
[2] Computability
[3] Predictability
[4] Undecidability
[5] Uncomputability
[6] Unpredictability
[7] First units
[8] Grand reductionism
[9] Triangulation
[10] Fourier
[11] Lorentz
[12] Poincaré spheres
[13] Planckspheres
One second: 299,792± km
[14] Automorphic forms
[15] Base-2 and Prime Numbers
[16] Aristotle’s Mistake
[17] Fuzzy Universe
[18] Scholars
Background: FQXi called for papers. Our exploration of the imperfect, those states in space-and-time defined by the indeterminant, includes undecidability. From the decidability within perfected states we go to undecidability within the imperfect. More

[4] Undecidability (Subject). We started with a list of undecidable problems (computability theory) and then a list of statements independent of ZFC. Transmogrification through the geometric gap provides a different look at  concepts of  the work of scholars within quantum logic, people like Fritz, 2016). Additionally, we are studying these articles: