[12] Poincaré spheres

Foundational Questions Institute: Undecidability, Uncomputability, and Unpredictability Essay Contest (2019-2020) Support materials for the submission from Bruce Camber in April 2020.

Determinant becomes unpredictable, uncomputable, and undecidable (PDF)

[1] Decidability
[2] Computability
[3] Predictability
[4] Undecidability
[5] Uncomputability
[6] Unpredictability
[7] First units
[8] Grand reductionism
[9] Triangulation
[10] Fourier
[11] Lorentz
[12] Poincaré spheres
[13] Planckspheres
One second: 299,792± km
[14] Automorphic forms
[16] Aristotle’s Mistake
[17] Fuzzy Universe
[18] Scholars
Background: This FQXi challenge brings into focus the role of sphere, particularly the Poincaré sphere. The high school students who interpret the role of spheres and transformations to their entire family will also include the Poincaré spheres.

[12] Poincaré Spheres: Leibniz-Euler-Gauss helped to give us Henri Poincaré. The Poincaré sphere with the Fourier transform and Lorentz symmetries and transformations will continued to be studied and the progress indexed to relevant pages on this website and the most relevant articles throughout the web.