Foundational Questions Institute: Undecidability, Uncomputability, and Unpredictability Essay Contest (2019-2020) Support materials for the submission by Bruce Camber in April, 2020.

Determinant becomes unpredictable, uncomputable, and undecidable (PDF)

[1] Decidability
[2] Computability
[3] Predictability
[4] Undecidability
[5] Uncomputability
[6] Unpredictability
[7] First units
[8] Grand reductionism
[9] Triangulation
[10] Fourier
[11] Lorentz
[12] Poincaré spheres
[13] Planckspheres
One second: 299,792± km
[14] Automorphic forms
[15] Base-2 and Prime Numbers
[16] Aristotle’s Mistake
[17] Fuzzy Universe
[18] Scholars
Background: The FQXi challenge has opened a more-pointed examination and  exploration of perfected states in space and time and a discernment of common roots for decidability, computability, and predictability within a determinant system. We begin what we hope will become a rigorous analysis and study of the transition from perfected states to indeterminant systems where quantum fluctuations are dominant. The word, transmogrification, is used to indicate the radical nature of these transitions.

Transmogrification: There are key transformation points along every grid. Part of our work will be to discern just where and what these are. There are experts everywhere — cosmology, logic, mathematics, philosophy, and physics. There are experts on the concepts of continuity, symmetry and harmony, Plato’s forms,  automorphic forms, Langlands programs, string theory, and loop quantum gravity, Aristotle’s Ousia… and the lists go on and on.

This page will focus on the key transformation points as we go forward.