Frank, Adam

Adam Frank


Assistant Prof. of Astrophysics
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY. 14627-0171

ArXiv: Grand Challenges in Planetary Nebulae Studies (2006)
Book(s)The Constant Fire: Beyond the Science vs. Religion Debate
Homepage  (Rochester)

First email:  Monday, March 18, 2019 (with a few corrections)

Dear Prof. Dr. Adam Frank:

Might we have a mathematical model, a chart of the universe, that might surprise but not inspire folks like Tegmark (because it’s too simple) but still might qualify as a cosmological model?

We started in 2011 by fooling around with base-2 and simple geometries going  smaller and smaller to the Planck scale. We started in our classroom with a 2-inch  tetrahedron. We calculated just 112 steps (notations, jumps, groups, sets, etc) to hit Planck’s Wall. That was fun to have Zeno helping us. Then we multiplied by 2. Base-2 gets wild quickly. In just 90 jumps up from our classroom model, we were out on the edges of the universe. The kids thought it was really, really cool. But then we started observing the numbers. The first second only emerged within notation 143. The light year in 169. Large scale structures in 197. Fascinated, we began studying cosmology and knew we were way-way over our heads.

Would you take a look at our little chart (horizontally-scrolled) and give us some feedback? Too simple? What if the beginning is more like John Wheeler’s quantum foam and sphere stacking is the beginning of geometries? We’re just guessing: is our home page and that particular homepage will only be accessible from here — — at some point in the near future.



PS. Wow: Is the Search for Immutable Laws of Nature a Wild-Goose Chase? and
The Platonic Imperative: Reality and the Many Worlds of Quantum Mechanics, and
Science, Religion, and d’Espagnat’s Veil, and….

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