A quick note on Pi Day, 2021

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Dear Professor, Doctor, friend,

It has been awhile since my last note to you.
I hope this note is welcomed.  I ask the questions,
“How does pi (π) shape our Universe? Is it there in the first instant?”

I believe so and therefore we have a “simple” cold start whereby
the numbers from close to absolute zero to temperatures that
would support the Quark-Gluon Plasma processes occur within
a bit more than one picosecond: https://81018.com/challenge
My story of those processes then continues here: https://81018.com/instance/
Let’s entertain new ideas.

Might I try to convince you that pi has a role? Haven’t our “old” ideas just hit the wall.*

Most sincerely,


PS.  Of course, we’ve all been well aware as was spelled out in
the NATO* 1999 Structure Formation in the Universe conference
at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences. -BEC

The URL for this document is: https://81018.com/pi-2021-3/
Another page for Pi Day: https://81018.com/pi-day-email-2021/
And, yet another: https://81018.com/pi-2021/